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City of Akron Income Tax E-Filing Application for Tax Year 2022
The City of Akron E-Filing system has been redesigned and reengineered to ensure security and includes a new, user-friendly interface to help you file your individual City Income Tax Return more easily.

E-File Requirements

You will need the following information to E-File your City of Akron Income Tax Return:
  • Your 7-digit Tax Account Number
  • The 6-character alphanumeric Personal Filing Code mailed to you by the City
  • Your W-2 Form(s)
  • Your 1099-MISC (if you received any)
Please note that the filing deadline for Tax Year 2022 is April 17, 2023.  For additional information regarding your filing requirement for Tax Year 2022 and whether or not you are required to pay 2023 Quarterly Estimated Tax payments, please click here for the instructions.